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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

Happy Birthday Singapore!!! 

Woohoo, I am back. After orbiting around my two adorable kids for the past few years, I can finally resume some blogging on my investment pursuit after a hiatus of more than four years since the last fruitful journal entry. This time though, I'll focus more on personal finance, still my favourite topic.

Looking back at what I had posted and the comments I had received, my immaturity and inexperience were obvious. I had written more to (re)assure myself I made the right equity decisions and sparring with fellow investors who bothered to comment merely exposed my decision flaws. I sincerely thanked them for coming out to comment and sharing their thoughts.

From a bachelor to a husband to a father of two school-going children, really made me mature a lot and probably age faster than I admit. My values do not change but my priorities do. Stability and certainty matters more to me now than before. Not that I avoid risks but I am now much more cautious (less aggressive). I am more willing to trade-off potential capital gains from undervalue gems for more cash-flow stability via sustainable dividend stocks. Overall portfolio growth can still be attained from compounding reinvested dividends. Nonetheless, I still do my due diligence and research to avoid overpaying for any business, a red line that I will never cross. 

I had also created a Facebook page,, to share interesting articles and put up short posts. Stay tuned for more. 


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