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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Awaiting my 2nd bundle of joy

Almost exactly two years after my 1st bundle of joy turn into a cheeky toddler, 'terrible two' that many called one, I'm expecting another one to join us to make this a noiser and messier home. I find balancing my limited time amongst family, work, investing, blogging and photography a very difficult task, especially when I need to dedicate much more time amongst the first 3. I am aware of my priorities, as much as I need to make tangible investments from the resouces generated from my work, I also need to make intangible investment of my time in my family. Thus blogging and photography (the only 'brainless' hobby that I can indulge in to let my brain rest) will have to take a back seat. If opportunities arose, I will still write an article or two. Otherwise, it will be a long while before I can return to serious blogging. I thank all faithful readers and fellow value investment bloggers who have contributed invaluable comments and ideas, and made my investment journey so far a very rewarding one!